Friday, August 7, 2015

My #Kindle Book Disappeared...and I'm So Excited! #amwriting #romance #ghosts #NA

Last week I announced some exciting debut novel, SILVER LAKE, was purchased by Amazon's traditional publishing house for their Encore imprint, which acquires "extraordinary" previously published books with untapped sales potential.  Amazon is a reputable publisher with fantastic marketing, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this line dedicated to "hidden gems".

My second-chance romance is getting a second publisher!

I have a release date--August 25th--but I just noticed yesterday that the Kindle version of my book has disappeared.  Now, I admit I panicked for a moment, and then I realized what was going on.  Amazon will now own exclusive rights to the book; as a result, it will no longer be available in any other competing format.  Plus, they make a few changes to the "new" books before putting them back up for Pre-Sale under Encore's Imprint...for example, a new ASIN will be assigned.

So panic turned to excitement once I figured out this was a sign things were moving forward! And since a number of romance authors from the former publisher were also selected for this program, those of us with the same release date have decided to celebrate with a big online Facebook party on 8/25!  Ten authors will host an all-day event, chatting about books, writing, romance, suspense, and giving away tons of PRIZES!  Raffles every hour, all day long...and you can come in and comment at any point to enter.  So come Join the party!  Here's the invite page, hope to see you there!  LINK