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Hero Interview and Giveaway - A Second Chance at Forever

Today is the third Meet a Hero Monday, and we have Alex McKinley, the hero of A Second Chance at Forever.  It released the 9th of this month from The Wild Rose Press, and author J.M. Stewart will also be giving away a PDF copy of the book to one commenter.  So please be sure to leave your email to enter!

Welcome, Alex.  First, some background.  When is your birthday and how old are you?

Alex: *takes a seat and folds his hands over his stomach* July 17th. I’m 38.

How do you spend your days and what are your hobbies?

Alex: I’m an attorney with the D.A.’s office. I’m in court a lot and when I’m not, I’m getting my cases together. The days are kind of long. But I enjoy spending time with my girls. Our twins are a month old now. I’m not sure I have a hobby at this point. *laughs* Sleeping. Sleeping would be a hobby I’d like to spend more time on.

As a busy mom, I can understand that!  Can you list 3 words that best describe you?

Alex: Determined. Ang would probably call me a clown.

Angela: *enters the room and seats herself in Alex’s lap* Sentimental. Ang would call him sentimental. And sweet. And dependable. Though that’s more than three.

Alex: *smiles and kisses her softly* The girls sleeping?

Angela: Yes. Finally.*puts a finger to her lips and smiles* Shhh. It took me ages to get them both down.

Thanks for helping him with that one, Angela.  All good qualities!  So, where have you traveled?

Alex: Not very far, I’m afraid. I’m a homebody. I was born in Vegas and moved to New York when for college. I moved home to Vegas a few months ago, just before Ang and I married.

If you could keep only one material item you own, what would it be?

Alex: Ah, the hard question. It doesn’t have an easy answer. Rufus. He’s a white stuff dog I bought for my four year old daughter, Hailey. She and my first wife died a little over a year and a half ago in a drunk driving accident. Rufus was one of her favorite toys and I keep him because he reminds me of her. It’s like a piece of her I can carry with me.

Angela: *slides off his lap and takes a seat beside him, resting her head against his shoulder* He now has a special place in the twins’ room. He sits on a shelf overlooking the room.

That’s a wonderful and sentimental tribute.  Now an easy question: What is your favorite food? Favorite drink?

Alex: Favorite food? Pizza, hands down.

Angela: *laughs quietly* He eats it every Friday night for dinner. Insists on it. Though I’m fairly certain he could probably eat it every day and not get sick of it.

Alex: *grins* How in the world can you sick of eating pizza? It’s the one thing I miss about New York…pizza around here just isn’t the same. Favorite drink would be coffee. It gets me going in the morning. I need a lot of it these days. The twins don’t sleep through the night yet, so we’re not getting much of it. Not that I mind. Going to work exhausted in the morning still makes me smile. It’s the little things you take for granted, like walking the floor all night with a colicky newborn. 

It’s nice to see such an involved Dad!  Finally, who would play you in a movie? 

Alex: *flexes a biceps and grins* Wolverine

Angela: *rolls her eyes, but smiles.* I told him once Hugh Jackman could definitely play him in a movie. He gets a kick out of that, in case you can’t tell. Ever see that movie, Kate and Leopold? I’m afraid I’m not Meg Ryan, though.


You two certainly have your own love story!  To read more, please check out the blurb and excerpt below, and don’t forget to comment with email for a chance to win a copy.


Recently divorced and working two jobs, Angela Lewis has no room in her life for love. Yet when her childhood crush finds her at the nightclub where she works as the sexy stripper, Candy Cane, and expresses his interest, Angela can’t resist. She only wants one night to live the fantasy her alter ego provides.           

Alex McKinley is still trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, and one night with Candy is exactly what he needs. He gets more than he bargained for, however, when he discovers she's the little sister of his best friend.  Suddenly little Angie’s all grown up and driving him crazy.  

The more time he spends with Angela, the more Alex finds himself falling for the woman she’s become. She makes him want to live again. But can he convince her to take a chance on him?


“When is your birthday, Alex?”

The minute the words left her mouth she wanted to suck them back. When Alex’s gaze snapped to hers, heat blazed up her neck and into her cheeks. The question gave her away, revealed her thoughts as surely as if she’d spoken them out loud. In front of her family, no less. Oh, her, and her big mouth....

To make matters worse, desire and recognition flared in Alex’s eyes, the memory rising between them.

A night neither one of them could forget. She remembered only too well him telling her exactly that.

“Two weeks,” he said.

“Got any plans?” she asked, to cover the need that sparked in her belly. Like an ember stoked into a tiny flame. One that if given the right amount of fuel could consume her.

Alex didn’t respond the way she’d anticipated, however. The expression drained from his face, his features going stony. Tension rose tight and prickly in the air around them.

Brock looked up from the grill.

Alex shook his head and rose from his seat, his jaw tight, a stiff set to his shoulders that had unease settling in her stomach. “No.” Then he turned to Brock. “Beer in the fridge?”

Brock nodded. Without so much as a glance in her direction, Alex moved around her, stepping through the sliding glass doors into the darkness of the house.

Angela turned to Brock, fear and confusion pounding in her breast. “I said something wrong.”

Her brother shook his head. “It’s his story. He should be the one to tell you.”

She nodded, then turned to stare at the doorway Alex had just disappeared through. She swallowed hard and followed after him.

Author bio:

J.M. writes what she likes to call sweet and spicy contemporary romance. She’s a stay-at-home mom who lives in Seattle Washington, with her husband, two boys and their two very spoiled puppies. She’s been devouring romances for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her passion.



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  1. Loved the interview! Good luck in your future and I can't wait to read the book.

    Alex sounds sweet and sexy!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by to visit! I adore Alex. He's a favorite of mine. But then again, I think I'm a little biased. lol So glad you enjoyed the interview. I always have fun with these. It started out low key, but as usual, they took over. ;)

  2. Sure, thanks for being here, Joanne. New releases are always exciting. Thanks for coming by Sarah!

  3. Fun, fun interview! I love hearing 'behind the scene' between these two. I can't wait to read the whole book. So pick me! NOW! ;)

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  4. Joanne,
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  5. Awesome interview! But don't enter me in the drawing, as I snagged this book as soon as it was released :) It's on my Kindle app just waiting to be read!


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  6. Sounds great, Joanne. Best wishes for great sales! Alex is a winner...maybe Brock too!

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  10. How can you not fall in love with a man who changes diapers and gets up at night with the kids? I want, I want!

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  12. Wonderful interview! Fun...and sexy. Loved it!
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