Saturday, February 27, 2016

SILVER LAKE a #1 #Kindle Bestseller! #Ghosts + #Romance #amwriting

Back in August, I posted about the sale of the digital rights to my debut novel, SILVER LAKE, to Amazon Publishing's Encore imprint.  It was such an exciting offer, brokered by the original publisher of my novels, The Wild Rose Press, who retains the print rights, and we all viewed it as a fantastic opportunity to give new exposure to one of my backlist titles.

Such a thrill to see
that orange banner!
All I can say is that I've been thrilled with the results and I'm so glad I signed that contract.  In November, my title was listed as one of Amazon's 50 Kindle Deals for November, remaining on the featured page for the entire month.  And then this morning, I was shocked to see the title sitting at the #1 Bestseller spot in the "Ghost Mysteries" category!  It was also #11 in one of the Romance categories, which is always a crowded category.  This is a truly amazing thing to happen to a regular-priced book published in 2012, and I am SO grateful for the increased exposure, because the only thing I ever set out to do when I started this journey was to provide entertainment in the form I enjoy the most: a page-turning read with steamy, second-chance romance and spooky suspense.  Like most authors, I wrote what I like to read, and while I'm not a particularly fast writer compared to many, I put everything I can into each book.  So I'm thrilled about this exciting moment in time, and I'll hold on to it as I head back into my writing cave to finish the final pre-galley edits of the upcoming HAUNTED SOULS.

And if you'd like to try SILVER LAKE, the link is below!  

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