Monday, September 29, 2014

A #Pricedrop for SILVER LAKE - #amazon #oneclick

My debut novel, SILVER LAKE, is now two years old (where did the time go?) and when books hit this milestone, my publisher gives us the option of a price reduction for electronic formats.  I'm thrilled with the option, since older books often need a lower price point to stay competitive in a market filled with new releases.  SILVER LAKE is now available on Kindle (and nook and iPad) for $2.99, almost half of its original $4.99 price!  A fancy coffee costs about the same thing, so it's a great bargain for hours of entertainment.

The premise of SILVER LAKE is a reunion between former friends who became estranged when their friend Brandy disappeared their senior year of high school.  Five years later, the group agrees to reunite at a lake house from their past in a final attempt to solve the mystery of her disappearance.  Rain Anderson, the main character, is determined to find closure for Brandy's terminally ill mother, and she's also anxious to try to reconcile with Jason Lansing, the man whose heart she broke back in high school.  As the paranormal activity escalates throughout the summer, it soon becomes clear that Brandy's ghost has a message to share...and she's willing to put her friends in danger to expose the truth.

I recently typed up the original Goal, Motivation, and Conflict charts for three of the characters: Rain, Jason, and Brandy (yes, the ghost has an agenda too!).  You can find the GMC charts here - I posted them for a class I'll be teaching on writing fiction.  Don't worry, no spoilers...just more insight into the characters.

If you'd like to grab a copy of this ghost story/reunion romance at the new lower price point, the links are above under each device format, and I've posted them below as well.  October is around the corner, and it's a great time for a spooky read...and it's always a great time to experience first love again, as two people fight for a second chance to be together--while wading through the secrets of the past to finally expose the truth behind Brandy's disappearance.

Enjoy the story if you give it a read!  Links:


A little excerpt from one of my favorite scenes!

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