Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Television, Talks, and Teaching - #amwriting - Kathryn Knight

Lately I’ve been coming way out of my comfort zone, all for the love of my books.  Self-promotion is hard—very hard—and I’m always looking for new ways to connect with readers.  After all, no one can consider reading a book if they’ve never heard of it!  So I continue to try to take new steps to push my career to the next level.

Last month, before my annual trip to the Delaware beaches, I contacted an independent bookstore located near the boardwalk and requested a book signing event.  Although this was my “vacation”, I figured a few hours devoted to meeting new readers would be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  And wow, am I glad I took the chance!  Not only did the bookstore agree to host me, the employees did a phenomenal job promoting my event.  I came into town to see my books displayed in the front window on a shelf with bestselling titles like Gone Girl and Cuckoo’s Calling!  Prominent signage along the sidewalk attracted shoppers.  And of course I did my part, sending out press releases to all the local papers and radio stations.
had nice real estate!

The lighting is bright on set!
In April of 2013, I did my first television interview for a local cable show on books and authors.  The interviewer and I discussed my first novel, SILVER LAKE, and although I was quite nervous, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity.  So, I placed a call a few months ago, asking if I might be invited back to discuss my second novel, GULL HARBOR.  I did that interview on Friday, and although I have not seen it yet (it should air in two weeks), I do know I was a lot less nervous this time around.
My day job involves teaching fitness classes, and I have many loyal women who come to my classes and enjoy my books as well.  A few of them have gone the extra mile to help me with promotion.  As a recent example, one gym member contacted the manager of a local Cape Cod club she belongs to—and now, I will be giving a presentation at a luncheon in the fall.  I also connect with library support groups, which often hold author lunches to raise funds and serve as social functions.

Finally, I recently contacted the local community college, which is always open to suggestions for continuing education classes for adults.  I sent in my resume and a course proposal on writing fiction and getting published, complete with a syllabus—and I’ve been asked to teach the class!  I’m very excited to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years…I worked so hard for that initial publishing contract, and along the way I rewrote, revised, got rejected, tried again…and eventually it paid off.  I’ve now branched out to writing in the Young Adult genre as well, which has its own set of challenges.  Many people dream of writing a novel; I hope to help people take that first step, and perhaps face the tasks involved armed with some advanced understanding of what to expect.    

Amidst all this, I am of course devoting time to my first priority, taking care of my family.  Then there’s gearing up for the release of DIVINE FALL, plus trying to squeeze in more work on my 4th manuscript.  Coffee, anyone?
What would I do without you?


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