Saturday, January 13, 2018

Final #Sale Days! Second-chance #Romance + #Ghost #Mystery ~ A #1 Bestseller! #SaturdayMorning

A few more days to grab Gull Harbor for just 99 pennies!  That's a huge discount of the regular price of $4.99, so if you need a new read, grab this steamy, second-chance romance mixed with a haunting mystery while it's on sale!  It's a #1 Bestseller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, with something for everyone: romance, suspense, secrets, mystery, danger, a beach-side Cape Cod setting, a psychic, and a ghost.

So treat yourself to a new read for less than a buck on Kindle or Nook, put your feet up, and get caught up in Claire and Max's story.  And if you need to see more of them after you've finished, they do make an appearance in Haunted Souls as well!  Happy Reading!

My favorite way to spend an evening!

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