Sunday, November 2, 2014

How Many Events Can I Fit Into One Month? #amwriting

Answer: A LOT!  October is over, and I am exhausted...but in a good way.  The month of Halloween is really big for me, since all three of my novels have a paranormal element.  Two are spooky ghost stories mixed with romance, and my young adult novel has supernatural secrets entwined with forbidden love.  Not only did I brainstorm some promotions of my own, but I also received some amazing requests that I certainly would never refuse.  All this combined to make a very busy month!

With the wonderful host
of Off the Shelf

First off, I was invited to be interviewed on the television program Off the Shelf, which airs on community access channels throughout Massachusetts.  Although I had to take off work and drive two hours, I of course jumped at the chance.  This was my third time on television, and while it's stressful having a conversation in front of the camera, it really does get easier every time.  We filmed this show on October 3rd, but it won't air for a few more weeks.

Lunch was delicious!
On Oct. 7th, I was the guest speaker at a member luncheon at The Hyannis Yacht Club.  I planned out a 25-minute presentation, which of course I had to memorize.  I spent time every night practicing, and it went really well.  I was thrilled that some of the guests read my books in advance after they signed up to attend.

The it was on to SpookLit night, a special "spooky literature" event organized by another local author.  Seven Cape Cod authors of both nonfiction and fiction books dealing with supernatural elements participated in readings.  We were each allowed 11 minutes to speak a little bit about our book and read from a scary passage.  I put together a new, brief presentation and read from GULL HARBOR, since this ghost story/romance is set on the Cape.  We had a huge crowd and almost everyone dressed up in costume, so it was a lot of fun.

Two days later I was at the historic Hyannis Library on Main Street, giving a presentation on writing romance and changes in the publishing industry.  One couple who had attended SpookLit came to hear a little bit more about my books, which truly made my night.  Everyone there had really great questions, and it was a lively discussion.

Banner for our Facebook Event

Online, I organized a Romance & Ghosts giveaway with the help of fellow authors Kelly Moran, Joya Fields, and Denise Moncrief.  We each donated copies of romances we've written that also involve ghost stories.  This Facebook event went on for two weeks, with a final drawing on Halloween.  In addition, I participated in the Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop, and completed an author interview for a college student majoring in Creative Writing.  I ran a 99 cent sale on my new YA DIVINE FALL as well as a Goodreads giveaway for a signed print copy.

Finally, I published extra blog posts on paranormal topics (as opposed to my usual four posts per month), including one on the premier of the scary movie Annabelle, one on the Origin of Superstitions, one on the creepy show Ghost Within My Child, and one for the Halloween Blog Hop on Graveyards.

Whew!  It was a lot of stress and preparation, but reading and writing are my passions, and I love to let readers know about my books.  Of course, my head was spinning toward the end of the month (not like the Exorcist girl, don't worry), when I realized on the day before Halloween I didn't even have a pumpkin, much less supplies and costumes for everyone!  Something had to give, right?  I ran out and found pumpkins at bargain basement prices (one advantage of waiting till the last minute), and my younger son reminded me we had a costume from last year that had arrived after Halloween (I must have been busy last October too, lol)--so he'll wear that.  I even found the box I'd packed it away in!

My older son informed me he'd like to have his birthday (16 - gulp!) sleepover on Halloween as well, so that took some scrambling to organize.  All in all, while October is one of my favorite months, I'm ready to welcome November!

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