Monday, September 9, 2013

Ian Somerhalder vs. Drew Fuller

Getting my nails done is one of my guilty pleasures, but I tell myself I need to do it, since I do a lot of book signings and I want my hands to look nice.  The place I go usually has a movie playing (although I always bring a book and attempt to balance it on my lap).  But the other day I got sucked into a film called The Ultimate Gift, the main reason being I couldn't stop looking at the very hot lead male actor.  I was certain I'd never seen him before, yet he reminded me of another actor.  When I got home, I brought up pictures of Drew Fuller on my computer, and it hit me:  he resembled Ian Somerhalder, one of my favorite actors whose Damon character made my Top Five Bad Boys with Good Hearts post.  That post has been my blog's second most popular post, with over 7,300 hits.

The picture I used in Bad Boys with Good Hearts

My most popular post of all time, clocking in at 55,550 more hits for a grand total of 62,850 compared Charlie Hunnam vs. Travis Fimmel.  So, in that vein, I bring you Ian Somerhalder vs. Drew Fuller.  How will this comparison stack up?

These two hotties are close in age and definitely share some desirable masculine traits.  In addition, they both began modeling as preteens, rising to represent major brands before transitioning to acting.  Their breakout roles occurred on television shows involving time travel, and both men have now crossed over to the big screen as well.  Here are some stats, and more eye candy to enjoy!

Ian Joseph Somerhalder:
  • Born December 8, 1978 (34) in Louisiana
  • French, English, Irish and Choctaw descent
  • Began as a model, signed a major contract by age 11
  • Breakout role - Boone Carlyle on Lost
  • Current role - Damon Salvatore on Vampire Diaries

Andrew Alan "Drew" Fuller:
  • Born May 19, 1980 (33) in California
  • Scottish, Russian, and English descent
  • Began as a model, appearing on a magazine cover at age 12
  • Breakout role - Chris Halliwell on Charmed
  • Current role - Trevor LeBlanc on Army Wives

So who's your pick?  It's an easy choice for me (assuming I had to chose, lol) - Lost was one of my very favorite shows.  Damon Salvatore is one of my very favorite characters.  Ian Somerhalder loves animals and promotes pet rescue/adoption.  And the final kicker--while looking for pictures for this blog, I realized I had used a shot of Ian on a motorcycle as inspiration for the character of Max in my Gull Harbor Pinterest board, and not even realized it was him!  I'd googled "hot guy on motorcycle" and immediately zeroed in on that one, which was a side view with no identifying names.  So in this case, Ian has my vote, and if you haven't read Gull Harbor yet, you'll LOVE Max!

I love a man who fights for animals


  1. I always loved Drew since his Charmed days, but since Damon sauntered onto the scene, I gotta say, I like the dark, bad boy type. So my pick is (hands down) . . . Ian! ;)

  2. I'm with you Chrys! Thanks for coming by and weighing in!

  3. I loved Drew in Charmed but it has to Be Ian he's my favorite actor especially as Damon. I admire how he uses his fame as an actor to promote awareness to save the planet and it's creatures :)

  4. Totally agree Jayne! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)