Monday, December 3, 2012

Bad Boys with Good Hearts - Kathryn Knight

Who doesn't love a sexy bad boy with a hidden heart of gold?  It's a common theme in romance novels, TV dramas, and screenplays.  There's just something intoxicating about a hot, dangerous hero whose actions reveal an inner gentle kindness.  Bad boys are often misunderstood, forced into a role chosen for them by circumstances out of their control.  But there is still a very real risk involved in getting close to them--and that's part of the thrill.

Here are my Top Five Favorite Fictional Bad Boys.  While their characters embody the perfect tough guys with redeemable qualities, it doesn't hurt that the actors portraying them are smoking hot!

5.  Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier working on the country's first transcontinental railroad in the show Hell on Wheels.  Intent on avenging the rape and murder of his wife, his true motive is to discover the identities of the former Union soldiers responsible so he can kill them.

4.  Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, the proficient zombie-killer on The Walking Dead.  Daryl had a traumatic childhood filled with abuse and neglect, and consequently grew into an emotionally-detached loner.  But the post-apocalyptic scenario brings Daryl into the fold of survivors, who value him as a leader and protector, and his character's true compassion begins to emerge.

3.  Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford, the "anti-hero" of Lost.  Sawyer witnesses the murder-suicide of his parents after they experience financial ruin at the hands of a conman.  Sawyer becomes a conman himself in order to fund his quest for revenge.  On the island, he alienates himself from the other crash survivors with his manipulative, selfish, and sarcastic behavior.  But eventually he falls in love with Kate and begins to show his sensitive side.

2.  Damon Salvatore, the dark older brother on The Vampire Diaries, is brilliantly portrayed by Ian Somerhalder.  A love triangle in the 1800s between Damon, his brother Stefan, and a beautiful vampire begins to tear the two brothers apart...when Stefan turns into a vampire and essentially forces Damon to turn as well, Damon vows to torment Stefan.  However, he always has Stefan's back when outside danger threatens.  When the brothers find themselves in love with the same woman again, Damon fights to be honorable and steer her toward the 'good' brother.  More on Ian here.

1.  Charlie Hunnam is Jax Teller, the President of the outlaw motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy.  Jax's childhood was intertwined with the club: his father founded the club, and his mother married another prominent member when an "accident" left her a widow.  But with the club comes a culture of violence, crime, and blood feuds.  Jax has finally started a family with his first and only love - his high school sweetheart - and he desperately wants to protect his wife and sons from the dangers of his lifestyle.  But he can't remove himself from the club entirely.  If he abandons his father's dream of a group of brothers who live outside the rules of society, not only will the club deteriorate further, but Jax will lose his opportunity to bring his father's murderer to justice. (P.S. - more on Charlie Hunnam and his lookalike, Travis Fimmel of Vikings, here).

Had to include this pic too!
My hero in SILVER LAKE has a bad boy streak as well--despite being kind and caring, he is also protective and strong.  Jason is a 4th degree black belt in Karate...but will that help him keep his first love safe from a desperate ghost?  While I don't have a picture of an actor for Jason, I do have this hot martial arts guy who will serve nicely: 

So that's my list!  Who are your favorite bad boys with good hearts?

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  1. Awesome post. Awesome pics. And I really love your fish too!

  2. great pics. By the way, I was asked on an interview which actor I would choose for my character in my book - Anson Mount, of course!

  3. Thanks for coming by ladies! I'm still working on who I would pick to play Jason...I know what he looks like in my head, but I haven't found the right actor yet.

  4. I love Josh Halloway! I was upset when they cancelled Lost,no more Sawyer! Who doesn't love a bad boy with a heart in there somewhere!

  5. Sawyer was great, all his hilarious nicknames...I miss Lost too! I realized that 3 out of these 5 shows have a paranormal element which I guess shouldn't come as a surprise to me - Lost for time travel, Vampire Diaries has it all-vamps, werewolves, witches, and TWD has zombies.

  6. I love me a good-hearted bad boy - just something about the vindication, redemption, self-realization progression of a strong, sexy, naughty hero that does it for me. Great post!

  7. Thanks Melissa, and I'm right there with you!

  8. Yeah... what's the question?? Ha, just popped in to check out your bad boy post. Think I'll hang around for a while - don't mind me. :):)

  9. Lol Christine hang out all you like, enjoy the scenery :D

  10. J.D. Robb's Roarke tops my list. No living man I can picture to play him exists :-)
    Jackson Rule (Sharon Sala, tho I think she wrote the book under her real name...sorry, can't think of it--shame on me!)

  11. Hi Diane! Yeah, Roarke is a keeper, for sure :) Thanks for coming by!