Sunday, November 26, 2023

My Top 3 Reads of 2023 are published on Book Shepherd!! #bookshepherd #topreadsof2023 #suspense

In addition to writing, I love reading...and I read across all genres! So I was thrilled to be invited by the popular Book Shepherd site to share some of my favorites of 2023. Picking my Top 3 Reads of the year was difficult, but I read a lot of suspense this year, so I went with a common theme of thrillers that had elements of mystery, dual timelines, friendship, and secrets from the past. Check out my list here:

Kathryn Knight's Top 3 Reads of 2023

Since I write mainly ghost mysteries mixed with romance, I also have a Book Shepherd "Best Romantic Ghost Stories" list. You can view it here: The Best Romantic Ghost Stories by Kathryn Knight.  And I hope you'll take a look at my novels as well if you enjoy romance spiked with spooky suspense!

I also made a fun book Favorites from A-Z back in 2017! 

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