Friday, June 16, 2017

"Haunting. Forbidden. Dangerously Sexy." 5* #Review! #FridayReads

With so many books out there, reviews can be tough to get, so I'm absolutely thrilled to have been reviewed at Nom de Plume, and positively over the moon to read such a fabulous review of Haunted Souls!  "Haunted Souls emanates everything a 5* read should be!"

A little teaser from one of my favorite scenes!

Haunted Souls is a steamy romance with a ghost mystery, "the perfect balance between saucy and spooky, and contemporary and thrilling.  Oooooo the deliciousness!"

Read the full review here!  Nom de Plume's Review of Haunted Souls

Haunted Souls was voted one of the Top 3 Reads of 2016 at Read!

You can find Haunted Souls on Kindle, Nook, and iTunes, and in print as well, so grab a steamy romance mixed with haunting suspense for your weekend read!  

"Layer upon layer of delicious tension...OOOOOO gawd this is one heck of a steamy romance!"

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