Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Like #Romance? Newsletter Sign-Up + Win a #Giftcard! #giveaway #amreading

Wine and a good book?  Bliss!

I absolutely love to read—it’s my favorite pastime, and a proven stress reducer.  Who doesn’t relish getting lost in an amazing story?  And romance always adds an emotional, heart-tugging component…a chance to experience all those butterflies…the first touches, or the second chances.  But there are so many books out there—how do you find your next read?

A group of authors who write for my publisher—an award-winning press focusing on all genres of romance—are putting together a newsletter to offer readers a look at new releases, sales, and highlights from top picks.  As a bonus to signing up for our quarterly newsletter, Wild Roses & Romance, we’re offering several gift certificate prizes to be raffled off to readers who sign up to receive our email publication!

To enter the raffle and receive updates on new releases and specials in all genres of romance, fill out the form below.  Happy Reading!

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