Saturday, October 1, 2016

#HAUNTED SOULS is on #NetGalley! #Ghosts #Romance #Haunting #Halloween Read

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, and it’s always a very busy one for me as an author with paranormal mysteries in all my novels.  While romance is popular throughout all the seasons, people particularly enjoy some spooky suspense during the month of October.  So, my publisher has put my newest release, HAUNTED SOULS, on NetGalley for the month.  If you’re a member, you can request this military romance mixed with a ghost mystery here.

It can be challenging to get reviews in this crowded market, so I’m excited to have this opportunity to connect with readers who also review.  Paranormal Romance as a genre can incorporate a lot of topics, and I think Haunted Souls, like Silver Lake and Gull Harbor, would be best classified as “Paranormal Romantic Suspense”.  These books differ from a lot of regular Paranormal Romance in that the main characters (the hero and heroine) are human.  The supernatural piece comes in as a haunting…and the desperate spirits will not rest until things are made right.

The Old Jail at night
Rt. 6A Barnstable Village
The inspiration for this story came from a visit to the Old Jail in Barnstable Village, Cape Cod.  It’s the oldest wooden jail in the country (circa 1690) and considered actively haunted.  So there is a bit of history in this book too, as well as a cameo appearance by Claire Linden, the psychic medium from Gull Harbor.

Thanks for coming by!  I hope you’ll give Haunted Souls a try, whether it’s via NetGalley or on Kindle or Nook.  A perfect way to gear up for Halloween – Happy Reading! 

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