Friday, April 24, 2015

DIVINE FALL recommended for fans of #TheMortalInstruments! #YA #99c

Every once and a while, I google my books, to see if any new reviews show up.  A wonderful surprise popped up the other YA Paranormal Romance, DIVINE FALL, received a fantastic review from BTS Book Reviews, with a prominent spot in the Young Adult/New Adult section of their e-magazine!  While I'm linking the entire review below, I'll pull my two favorite quotes from reviewer Sasha Hibbs:

"This delicious YA novel was filled with love, rich in history, suspense, and enough twists to keep the reader turning the pages."

Forbidden Love and Supernatural Secrets
in Divine Fall
I love that!  While my novels are considered Romance in terms of genre, I always try to mix in plenty of conflict, tension, and mystery, as well as enough details about the setting to make the reader feel like he or she is right there.  This novel is set in a fictional town, Huntsville, Maryland, close to where I grew up.  The rural town is located in the very real Frederick County, near the very real Monocacy National Battlefield, site of the Civil War Battle that "saved Washington, D.C.".  As a kid, I spent a great deal of time at the huge farm owned by good friends of the family, and their little girl and I whiled away countless hours riding the horses, playing with the barn cats up in the hayloft, throwing sticks for all the dogs that roamed the property, and exploring the surrounding woods.  These wonderful memories inspired "Fox Run", the barn where Jamie boards her horse Beau, and where the mysterious Dothan Reed works as a new stable hand.

At the end of the review comes a comparison that thrilled me: "If you're a fan of The Mortal Instruments, Divine Fall certainly satisfies the cravings for Angels, Nephilim, and a wonderful love story".  Wow!  Jace is great, and I hope fans of the series will give Divine Fall a try...Dothan is worth it, I promise!

A reader left me this fantastic
comment on FB...made my day!
Right now, this is a stand-alone novel, although I've had requests for sequels and prequels, and I've left the door open to return to Jamie and Dothan's story someday.  At only 99 cents right now on Kindle and Nook, there's very little risk and a potential reward of hours of reading enjoyment!  And please drop me a line if you're reading, I LOVE to hear from readers.  I'm on Facebook and Twitter, so connect with me any time.  And check out the storyboard on Pinterest...get a look at Dothan :) All the links are in colored font.  Happy reading!

Revenge, Romance, and a Rogue Fallen Angel...

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