Friday, April 3, 2020

GHOST MOON Release Day! #FridayReads #Romance #Paranormal #Suspense #Mystery #Books #amreading

Happy Book Birthday to my 7th novel, GHOST MOON!  

If you pre-ordered your Kindle copy already, you should have it on your device now...or you can download from Amazon today!  Originally, the release date for this book was 4/15.  But more than ever, we need things we can enjoy from home that will entertain us and provide relaxation.  I love reading--it's my favorite hobby even when the world isn't mostly shut down.  Getting lost in a great book does wonders for my mind and lowers my stress.  Since this manuscript was in the final stages of galley proofing a few weeks ago, I decided to try to move the release date for the e-book forward to make it available sooner.  The title is now live in time for #Fridayreads...a whole 12 days earlier than anticipated!  

I had to move quickly to catch up on my book launch checklist, but the first editorial review is already in from Linda's Book Obsession, and it begins with:  "WOW.  Kathryn Knight has written a spooky, scary, suspenseful, mysterious, steamy, and intense novel." 

"A captivating story with betrayals and danger..."

"I highly recommend this intense and edgy novel."

If you like steamy romance and ghost mysteries, I hope you'll give Ghost Moon a read.  The blurb and buy link are below...more info on print editions in the future.  Happy Reading everyone, and stay safe.

When Lark Cavanaugh’s life in New York City falls apart, she’s left reeling from a staggering betrayal. She escapes to Cape Cod, where a distant relative has left her an old house with a tragic past. Rumors of a haunting presence plague the abandoned home, but Lark doesn’t believe in ghosts…until she has no choice.

After completing his military duty, veterinarian Jesse Holt returns to his small hometown to take over his father’s practice. He soon finds himself drawn to the alluring redhead now living next door, but she has made her intentions clear—she’s moving back to the city as soon as possible. When frightening events threaten her safety, though, he can’t deny his protective instincts.

Unable to fight their feelings, they give in to desire…but another battle looms. Lark’s arrival has awakened a decades-old mystery, and the truth of what happened at Holloway House will only be revealed when it claims yet another life.

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