Sunday, August 6, 2017

HAUNTED SOULS in Still Moments Magazine #romance #ghosts

Always exciting to find your book featured in a publication!  Still Moments was a print magazine that is now an online "ezine", focused on highlighting romance novels along with interviews, reviews, articles, recipes, photos, etc.  

I was thrilled to see my latest novel, a steamy romance mixed with a haunting mystery, was featured and reviewed in the July edition.  The reviewer called the scenes between Tyler, Emily and Brett's son, and the spirit in their home "captivating", and said the "details behind the mystery hold your attention".  

See the entire review here: Haunted Souls - Still Moments

Want to download it, put your feet up, and get lost in the story?  Find the Kindle link here: 

Steamy Romance meets Spooky Suspense ~
A Top 3 Read of 2016 at Read!

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