Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A #1 #Kindle Bestseller - #Haunted Mystery + #Romance #PrimeReading #KU

I tend to do a lot of posting in October, since I’m a writer of ghost stories and other paranormal mysteries as well as a fan of all things spooky.  I have 3 library presentations coming up and two Halloween Blog Hops with lots of prizes, plus the start of a new Fiction Class and a post from a private tour I received of some haunted places in Barnstable Village, the setting of HAUNTED SOULS.  I need to finish up all those posts and get them out before the events.  But I had to share my exciting—and somewhat unexpected—news about my debut novel, SILVER LAKE.

Last year, Amazon’s traditional publishing house bought the electronic rights to Silver Lake from its original publisher.  Their Encore imprint acquires successful books that would do even better with additional promotion.  It was an exciting offer and one I embraced enthusiastically.  A few months after that, last fall, Amazon must have done a big promotion for the book, because it shot to #1 in its category.  It was thrilling to see an older book receive that many downloads.

This summer, a new program was in the works—PrimeReading, a promotion to benefit Amazon Prime members by offering some select Kindle books free.  Silver Lake was chosen, with an advance royalty offered to participate.  Again, I jumped at the chance…but I had no idea when the program would roll out.

Well, as I discovered when I saw my first book climbing up its category again, it appears to have launched the other day.  Silver Lake hit #1 in Ghost Fiction and I, of course, grabbed a screenshot of the shiny orange banner.  Then I suddenly realized *I’m* a Prime Member too, and I went into clicking mode.  A few of the books I’m looking forward to reading: My Sister’s Grave, Follow You Home, and Sleep Tight.  Did I mention I like spooky suspense?  Those titles say it all.

So if you’re a Prime Member (or enrolled in Kindle Unlimited), you can download Silver Lake for FREE!  I’m not privy to all the details, but my understanding is this is a limited time offer for these particular titles.  So go grab some new reads!  You’ll not only get spooky suspense (perfect for the Halloween season) from Silver Lake, but also a reunion romance.  Happy Haunted Reading!

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