Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Divine Fall on #NetGalley! #YA #Paranormal #Romance #pnr #review

Although I’ve been a published author now since 2011, this September will be my very first experience with NetGalley, a service that matches readers willing to post reviews with free digital copies of books.  My publisher had not been involved in the program until this year, so I’m very excited to now have an opportunity to introduce my novels to avid readers and hopefully garner some additional reviews, which are so important on retail sites. 

My latest release, Haunted Souls, is scheduled for NetGalley in October, since the Halloween season is perfect for ghost stories.  Then a slot opened up for September, and we decided to put one of my backlist titles, Divine Fall, into the opening.  Although it came out in 2014, it will still be “new” to many readers in this crowded market, and since the story takes place in September, it’s a good fit.  In fact, the word “Fall” in the title not only refers to the season, but also fallen angels and falling in love.  And in this case, it’s an unexpected and dangerous fall into a forbidden relationship.

Last autumn, the prestigious BookBub posted a wonderful article on 14 Perfect Novels for Fall, and Divine Fall was on it, along with some very popular books by well-known authors like Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Lowell, and Diane Setterfield (The Thirteenth Tale was one of my favorite books...it's such a match for my tastes that not one but TWO of my friends bought it for me for my birthday...so seeing my title next to it on a recommendation list was a huge moment!)  I'm hoping this fall it will be a good fit for readers' lists as autumn once again approaches.

So if you’re on NetGalley and you’re a fan of Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Forbidden first love, and supernatural secrets, put in a request for Divine Fall!  And next month, look for Haunted Souls, a steamy military romance mixed with a ghost mystery.  Happy reading!

eta: It's October!  Divine Fall is no longer available on NetGalley, but Haunted Souls is - find it here.

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