Saturday, July 18, 2015

Like #Romance? #Suspense? #Ghosts? #Prizes? Join my #StreetTeam! #amwriting #amreading

I'm looking to grow my new Street Team!  What's a Street Team, you ask?  I had no idea either, but almost all of the authors at my agency have one, and my agent suggested I give it a try too. Basically, it's a group of people who want to help promote your books via social media.  They could be fans of the author's books, fans of romance and suspense in general who want to try your books, avid readers of all genres who want to join the community, or people who just want to make new friends and help out.

There are rewards to joining, of course!  First off, you can request an ecopy of one of my books for FREE.  Secondly, I do a prize drawing once or twice a month - usually a gift card, but sometimes jewelry or other physical prizes.  Plus, you meet new friends, help an author increase visibility, and get inside info into the publishing process and upcoming releases (like Haunted Souls!).

What's required?  Not a lot!  Participation is as much or as little as you want - all are welcome, regardless of activity level.  So the only actual requirement is a FaceBook account, as that is where we organize.  Typically, once a week I'll post a FB share or a Twitter tweet and ask for shares or retweets if willing or able.  Anyone who shares/RTs comments "Done" and gets added to that month's prize pool.  This past month, one lucky member received a $20 gift card to Amazon.

So, I'd love to have you!  This is a Closed Group, so only members can see what is going on. Just click the FaceBook link below, hit Join, and I'll add you.  I have many fellow authors in the group, so both readers and writers will have a chance to meet new authors.  I look forward to meeting new members!

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