Friday, June 12, 2015

GULL HARBOR a #1 #Kindle Bestseller - Again! #amwriting #romance + ghosts

Squee!  A 99c sale brought GULL
HARBOR back to a #1 Bestseller!
I wrote last week about some exciting news for my YA Paranormal Romance DIVINE FALL.  A few other happy dance moments have happened in the past few months, and I'm doing my best to enjoy the moment and not worry about the manuscript out on submission or the idea of starting this crazy process all over again for novel #5.

In April, my second novel GULL HARBOR - a steamy romance mixed with a spooky ghost story - became a #1 Kindle Bestseller for the third time! Cut to me, jumping around the kitchen.  This is an "older" book, at least in terms of today's lightening fast publishing industry, so to see it hit those numbers again while on a 99 cent sale was truly thrilling.  None of my other books have ever managed to hit #1, but I do have high hopes for HAUNTED SOULS if it sells to a publisher.

And while my first novel, SILVER LAKE, has never done quite as well as GULL HARBOR, this even older title did hit as high as #16 on the Amazon Bestseller list recently when some promotional stars lined up.  Authors, if you haven't tried a free ThunderClap campaign, it's definitely worth looking into!

#16 for SILVER LAKE!
Spending time on promotion does take away from time writing, but I really enjoy connecting with readers.  In fact, I recently started an online Street Team--basically, a fantastic group of readers, bloggers, and romance fans who help me with social media.  In return, they get free books, inside info, first look at excerpts, and of course...prizes! I'm still actively building the team, so if you have a Facebook account, stop on by and hit "Join".  You get to meet a great group of readers and authors and get entered into prize drawings for gift cards, just for tweeting and sharing posts.

In a fun twist, one of my Street Team members came out to see me when I traveled to Bethany Beach for a book signing.  Small world! This was my second year doing an event at Bethany Beach Books, and it was a lot of fun.

Meet one of my ST members
at a book signing!
So, I've been busy...but the school year is winding down and I need to focus on that, as well as an upcoming Fiction Writing Class I'll be teaching for the local community college over the summer.  Somehow, I'm going to have to find the time to also get started on the WIP rattling around in my head.  Today, I spent two hours looking at hot guys on Pinterest to serve as inspiration for my new hero, Dean.  Yeah...there are some perks to this business!  Want to take a look?  Click on the link for the pictures I'm using as inspiration for Malorie and Dean: WIP Pinterest Board.  Enjoy!

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