Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Book Signing at #BethanyBeach! #amwriting #suspense #romance #beachreads

What a thrill to see my novels
in such esteemed company!
I'm thrilled to be headed back to Bethany Beach Books this May for another book signing!  Last year, this event was so much fun. I arrived in Bethany to see my books in the window, on the same shelf as Gone Girl and Cuckoo's Calling, two bestselling novels. Banners and signs advertised the event, and I got to meet a lot of people and sign a lot of books!  This year, I have a new book to sign - the Young Adult Paranormal Romance DIVINE FALL.

I grew up in Maryland, and I spent many vacations and weekends at the Maryland and Delaware beaches (Rehoboth, Dewey, Indian River Inlet, Bethany, Ocean City).  Now I live near a completely different set of beaches, on Cape Cod, MA.  During the summer, there's at least one wedding every weekend at the beach we frequent...the sand and sea make for a wonderfully romantic setting.  And at night, the moonlight playing over the vast expanse of endless ocean creates a mysterious and ethereal panorama.  Since my novels combine romance with spooky suspense, it seems fitting that two of them take place near the beach.

The ghost story/reunion romance SILVER LAKE is set on the sandy shores of a lake in Connecticut.  Another ghost story and steamy romance, the #1 Kindle Bestseller GULL HARBOR, is set along the Cape Cod National Seashore.

But DIVINE FALL is different, and not just because the protagonist is a teenager and the paranormal element involves Nephilim instead of a desperate spirit.  This book is set in the rural area of Maryland at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains--an area rich in Civil War history, with wooded trails and horse farms spread out amongst the fields and valleys.  Growing up, my family was lucky enough to have good friends living on one of these farms, and many of my best childhood memories take place there.

So as the plot of DIVINE FALL grew in my imagination, the setting I pictured was the stable in which I spent countless hours of my childhood.  I loved horses, loved to ride, and 16-year-old Jamie finds her only solace at the barn where she boards her horse, Beau, after tragedy tears her life apart.  But when a mysterious new stable hand shows up, she soon becomes ensnared in his dangerous plans.  And Dothan, a Fallen angel with nothing left to lose, will soon have to make a choice...continue on his quest for revenge, or protect the human girl he's grown to love.

I'm hoping the Maryland setting will entice readers to take a quick break from the beach on Saturday and head over to the boardwalk to pick up a copy of my latest book!  If you're in the area, come by and say hi - I love to connect with readers and writers.  And you can always order any of my books--in print or for Kindle, Nook, or iPad, online!  Just click the book title tabs at the top of the blog, and the links are all there for all the major retailers.  Happy reading!

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