Friday, February 27, 2015

Hot Kiss #Friday Blog Hop! #amreading #romance

I'm taking part in the Book Boyfriends Cafe Hot for Friday blog hop for the first time today, and the theme this week is Hot Kisses!  I'm going to post an excerpt from GULL HARBOR, which is celebrating its 2 year anniversary this month!  Hard to believe.  My second novel hit the #1 Kindle Bestseller list a few times - exciting moments I will never forget!  GULL HARBOR is a reunion romance with a suspenseful ghost story--and the kiss I've chosen happens after Max shows up to fix a broken window the ghost shattered in Claire's temporary summer home.  All she knows is that five years ago, he abandoned her without a hint of an explanation, and he still won't tell her why.  But now that fate has brought them back together, she can't seem to avoid the man who broke her heart...

His arm curled around her shoulders.  “Claire, I am so sorry I hurt you,” he said, his voice ragged with emotion.
She dropped her forehead to his chest.  “I believe you.”
His other hand stroked her hair, and she stayed in his embrace while she battled back the tears.  She focused on the comforting thud of his heartbeat as he ran his fingers through her loose curls.
            “I missed you this week,” he murmured. 
His breath in her ear sent a delicious shiver through her body.  She couldn’t resist this anymore.  She didn’t want to.  “I missed you too,” she admitted, turning her face up to his.
He brushed his lips against hers tentatively, and a moment of exquisite anticipation spun out between them.  Then his mouth captured hers in a bruising kiss that sought to make up for the years they’d been apart.  She returned his fierce kisses, moaning as their lips and tongues met with frightening urgency.
A tiny voice inside her head whispered a warning, reminding her that he still hadn’t explained why he’d left her that way.  She shoved it aside.  She didn’t need explanations, she needed him.  On her, inside her, filling every space.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she clung to him as he lowered her onto the bed.  Every nerve in her body burned for him, and she arched her back to rub her hips against the solid length of his erection.
His hand slipped under the hem of her skirt, and his rough fingertips left a trail of fire as they traveled up her thigh.  Her own hands explored the ridges of muscle under the smooth skin of his back.  She kissed his neck, tasting the salty sweat from the day’s heat.

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A dangerous ghost and an ex-boyfriend await Claire in Cape Cod's GULL HARBOR...


  1. Thank you Mel, I'm looking forward to viewing all the excerpts in the hop!

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