Sunday, October 5, 2014

#Fashion Inspired by My Passions - #amwriting & #Fitness

I'm the first one to admit I'm no trendsetter, although I do enjoy attempting to be fashionable.  It gets a little challenging, though, since my work attire does not usually include a sharp business suit and killer heels.  In the morning, I go teach classes at the gym.  I do try to look put together, since I'm representing my place of business, not to mention standing in front of a large crowd of women.  Still, I don't bother showering before teaching a fitness class, so the hair usually leaves a lot to be desired.

After I do get a shower in, it's time to get to the computer to write until the kids get home...and since my workstation is located on my kitchen island, there's really no one to impress except the pets.  But autumn brings soccer season, back-to-school events, author presentations clustered around Halloween, and a class in Fiction I'm teaching at the local community college.  I'm going to have to look varying degrees of presentable for these engagements.  And when I can, I like to add some personality to my wardrobe with a little hint of my passions - writing and fitness.

Me modeling my favorite hoodie!
Lots of great workout clothes at
Strong Girl Clothing
This one's my favorite because it actually brings both those passions together - I found this "And though she be but little, she is fierce" hoodie on etsy.  If it's chilly and I want to wear a cover up to class, it has to be something with a front zip, because I wear a mic on my head and I can't pull anything over it once I'm warm.  Usually I only require a few in nice colors at reasonable prices, but this one is so original because it has a Shakespeare quote!  Specifically, it's said by Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Not only is the quote fitting for me, since I'm a little under 5'2", but obviously the author of the quote is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language.  He's well known for his tragic romantic couples, and coined the phrase "star-crossed lovers".  For me, this was a bargain at $27.99.  You can find this hoodie at Strong Girl Clothing on Etsy.

This shirt is available for only
$19.95...see the link
My teenage son loves American Eagle, and we go to the mall once every few months (he's growing fast!) and stock up.  On our last trip a few weeks ago, I saw this shirt, with "ROMANCE" written across the front.  How could I not buy that?  Perfect for the soccer field with a jean jacket or open sweater.  I bought an AE gray cotton open pullover to go with it.

Since I only have boys, I'm not very attuned to what teenage girls like...but I needed a gift idea for my character Dothan to give Jamie in my Young Adult Paranormal Romance DIVINE FALL.  I put out a call for suggestions on my FaceBook page, and the overwhelming response at that time was Alex and Ani bracelets.  I wasn't entirely sure what those were, but I looked it up and they seemed perfect.  Dothan gave Jamie on with the initial "J", a horse charm, and of course an angel charm.

I love this bracelet set
created from Alex & Ani and Silpada

The white feathers
falling reflect Dothan's
Fallen angel lineage
My best friend then gave me my first one for my birthday - an antique gold one with the initial "K".  I combined it with some of my Silpada beaded bracelets so I could achieve the sort of look I saw online.  When DIVINE FALL released, I decided I deserved to treat myself to another Alex and Ani bangle.  I chose a feather, in honor of Dothan's Nephilim lineage, and to echo the feathers on the beautiful cover of the book.

I look for other fashion ideas on Pinterest, and that really helps me pull outfits together, especially for author events.  I even found a fantastic pair of shoes created by someone with a love for Romance can see them on my Pinterest Fashion Board.  I'd buy them in a heartbeat, if only they were for sale!  Maybe I can channel my crafty side (it makes brief appearances occasionally) and try my hand at making my own?  I know which three covers I'd start the collage with!  If you need some great paranormal reads to get in the Halloween mood--steamy romance mixed with spooky suspense--try my ghost story/romances GULL HARBOR or SILVER LAKE.  And my latest release is a Young Adult novel, DIVINE FALL, involving a Fallen angel, filled with forbidden love and supernatural secrets, and appropriate for ages 13 and up. 

Enjoy the fall!

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  1. I have always wanted to become a fitness blogger. I do try to keep myself fit all the time but food is my biggest weakness. I am thinking of starting a blog related to work out clothes and I guess I would love to write just like this one. It was a good read.