Sunday, September 14, 2014

Forbidden Love & #Supernatural Secrets - New #YA Release

I can't believe it's been over a month since my first Young Adult Paranormal Romance released!  DIVINE FALL is a bit of a departure from my usual ghost story/romance combination--this new novel is about a Nephilim, or a Fallen Angel.  The Nephilim are the offspring of male angels ("Sons of God") and female humans ("daughters of man") mentioned in the Bible's Book of Genesis, as well as in the Book of Enoch.  In Genesis, the passage about this errant race of "mighty men" is directly followed by God's decision to cleanse the earth of the wickedness of humanity with The Great Flood. 

The best thing about writing fiction, especially fiction that deals with fantasy or paranormal, is that the writer can let his or her imagination run wild.  I have a particularly active imagination, so I had fun extrapolating the three long sentences that make up Genesis 6: 1-4 into my character's history.  In my novel, destroying this unnatural race is one of the major goals of The Flood; once the earth is repopulated, biological safeguards are set in place to prevent the conception of another Nephilim.

Until the birth of Dothan Reed.  How did it happen?  Well, I don't want to give away too much of the story.  But as DIVINE FALL's blurb notes, he's the only one of his kind; an outcast in both worlds.  His very existence is forbidden.  And he's fine with that, as he has only one goal: revenge.  He's willing to give up his life once he completes his deadly task.

But there's more than a few obstacles in his way, of course.  And Jamie Brandt, the girl unfortunately connected to his plan, is a big one.  Ultimately, he must make a difficult choice...and as Jamie figures out what he's hiding, so will she.

If you enjoy forbidden love and supernatural secrets, why not give DIVINE FALL a try?  At $3.00, it's less than a fancy coffee or a rented movie, and you'll get hours of entertainment!  And I love to connect with readers, so find me on FaceBook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Here's the Pinterest board for DIVINE FALL so you can get a look at inspiration for the characters and my mind, Dothan looks like Travis Fimmel from Vikings in his early modeling career.

Enjoy the blurb below, and find links for all formats of DIVINE FALL.  Happy Reading!

After tragedy tears Jamie Brandt’s life apart, her only goal is to finish high school so she can leave her small hometown behind.  In the meantime, riding her horse is her main source of solace, until a mysterious stable hand shows up at the barn.  There’s something not quite right about the handsome new employee, and the more Jamie sees of him, the more determined she becomes to figure out what he’s hiding.

Dothan Reed came to historic Huntsville, Maryland, for one reason—revenge.  But his plan can’t move forward until he finds the missing piece he needs to enhance his powers.  As the only surviving Nephilim, Dothan is not only weaker than full-blooded angels; his forbidden lineage makes him an outcast in both worlds.  When he discovers Jamie is the key to locating an ancient weapon, he’s forced to interact with a vulnerable human girl—a task that becomes more appealing with each encounter.

Jamie soon learns Dothan isn’t the only one with a dark secret.  Each new revelation further threatens her safety, and Dothan’s betrayal shatters her heart.  Forgiving him seems impossible, but the thought of turning her back on him is equally painful.

As their connection deepens, Dothan will have to make his own difficult choice: continue on his path of vengeance, or protect the girl he loves.  And when Dothan’s actions thrust Jamie into an unforeseen danger, he must seek the help of his enemy…or risk losing her forever.   


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