Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cover Contest - Please vote GULL HARBOR #amwriting #romance

Cover contests are a lot of fun - a chance to actually judge a book by its cover.  This month, GULL HARBOR is one of the choices over at Lolly Tova's Cover Love Contest.  The spectacular artwork by artist Rae Monet really captures the spooky and suspenseful atmosphere of this ghost story/romance set on Cape Cod.  All that's needed is a 1-click vote, no sign-ins or emails.  If you can spare a moment to vote for GULL HARBOR, I'd really appreciate it!  And if you have a book cover you love, take another minute and enter it into one of the upcoming months. 

Thanks so much for any votes!  If you'd like to view the photos I sent to Rae to use as inspiration, plus the other storyboard pictures, visit GULL HARBOR'S Pinterest Board.  Have a great day :)
A dangerous ghost & an ex-boyfriend
await Claire in GULL HARBOR
Beautiful cover by TWRP
cover artist Rae Monet


  1. VOTED!!!!! :D

    I recently found out my cover for Hurricane Crimes will be in the contest on Lolly Tova in August . :)

  2. Thanks Chrys! I'll absolutely vote for Hurricane Crimes this summer - it's a great cover :)