Friday, February 14, 2014

#StarCrossed Lovers - New Show, Timeless Theme

A new Paranormal Romance show always gets my attention...and I am eagerly awaiting the premier of Star-Crossed on the CW.  The title itself is a fantastic play on the two themes...aliens arriving from the mysterious realms of space, and an unlikely couple whose relationship will be challenged by external forces.  The term "star-crossed" actually dates back to the belief that people's fates were ruled by the stars; "star-crossed lovers" were essentially doomed, as the stars appeared to be working against these couples.  Romeo and Juliet are a prime example; in fact, the phrase was coined in the prologue of Shakespeare's tragic play.

All romantic fiction forces the hero and heroine to face difficult obstacles...and my characters are no exception (although they also have to face a desperate ghost with a sinister message).  But within the writing world, romance always eventually involves a "happy ending" for the couple, and I'm hoping that despite the show's title, the characters from Star-Crossed will find theirs.  Of course, I'm also hoping they'll really have to work for it, and that their struggle will leave viewers anxious for more each week.

The premise sounds promising: when a spacecraft crashes in a small town, a battle ensues between the humans and the stranded Atrians.  Two six-year-olds find themselves in an unlikely alliance after an Atrian boy, Roman, is hidden from harm by a human girl.  Roman is captured, and his young protector, Emery, believes he's been killed.  But ten years later, a group of Atrian teens are allowed to enroll in a human high school, and the former friends are reunited. 

Aimee Teegarden stars as Emery, with Matt Lanter as Roman; a number of other recognizable actors complete the cast.  Let's hope the stars are kind as the Atrians and the humans come together, and as destiny unfolds for Roman and Emery.

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