Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My TV interview - Kathryn Knight

In April, I blogged about my TV debut on a local cable channel.  I was interviewed by the host of Books and The World during the same whirlwind week Gull Harbor was hitting #1 in the free Kindle rankings.  After the interview, I was a bit shaky (truthfully I was shaky before and during, as well!) and I could barely remember if I'd strung two words together correctly.  But I had to wait to find out, since a) the interview had to go through editing before it was ready to air and b) I don't have access at home to this channel.

After an agonizing 5 weeks, I found the DVD copy in my mailbox at 11:00 at night when I went out to grab something from my car.  I was leaving for a long-anticipated girls' weekend vacation in the morning, so I said to myself, "I shouldn't watch it now.  What if I did terribly?"  I decided to go upstairs to bed and get some sleep, then instead I promptly inserted the DVD into my computer and poured a glass of wine.

I thought I did pretty well, for a first-timer!  However, that knowledge did not let me finally trudge upstairs to finish packing and get a restful sleep.  I had to watch it once more.  And then question whether I really did okay, or whether I was fooling myself.  Should I wake my husband and make him watch?  Since it was now midnight, I decided he would not be a willing critic.  Adrenaline poured through my veins, and even that glass of pinot grigio did nothing to calm me down after that.  I lay in bed staring at the ceiling most of the night, finally drifting off for a solid half hour before my alarm went off at the crack of dawn for me to catch my train to girls' weekend.

Much more relaxed after a mini-vacation with the high school friends who helped inspire Silver Lake, I settled down to figure out youtube.  I was worried, but since my first book came out, I've mastered blogging, twitter, a Facebook page, Pinterest, and Goodreads, so I told myself I could handle this.  And it really was not hard to upload the DVD, although it broke it up at the end--I believe the interview ran slightly over the 30 minutes allotted free on youtube.

So, if anyone wants to take a peek, or is looking for a reason to put an unpleasant task aside for 30 minutes, here it is:  Books and The World interview

and here's Part 2 (last few minutes), you know, if you've got to see how it ends ;)

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