Friday, March 1, 2013

The Romance Reviews Party - grand prize $100

Happy March!  I personally have had it with winter this year.  With all the storms that hit New England and all the trees we have in our yard, I now have enough downed branches to build a good-sized fort, complete with fence.  Spring clean-up is going to be an ordeal.

For the entire month of March, The Romance Reviews site is hosting its 2nd Anniversary Party contest - the grand prize is a $100 gift certificate and there are plenty of other prizes along the way (one being an e-copy of Silver Lake)!  And if you love romance, you'll get plenty of new ideas for your reading list as you play the game.  I've included the link below - good luck if you play (and the answer to my contest question can be found under the Silver Lake tab on this blog :) ).

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